7 Large Domestic Cat Breeds That Make for Affectionate Companions

If you are thinking of getting a loving feline companion for yourself, learn about some of the large cat breeds that are as friendly and affectionate as a puppy.
Although it is true that most good things come in small packages, one look at the magnificent large cat breeds, will probably change your mind. Apart from wild and hybrid cats, there are a number of domestic cat breeds. Most large cats are good-natured, friendly, and usually quite dependent on people for companionship and affection.
List of Large Cat Breeds
There are many large cat breeds available for domestic purposes. The males weigh around 12 lbs or more while females, although smaller, are to a great extent large and heavy. With this, let’s check out the larger specimens of the cat world.
Maine Coon
Maine coon
– Made popular in the cat shows in the 1800s, Maine Coon, the official cat of Maine state, is one of the largest domestic cat breeds.
– These native, long-haired cats are massive, broad-chested cats with bodies that are long and rectangular.
– Its thick, glossy, water-resistant coat is ideal for the harsh climate of Maine.
– The Maine Coon males can weigh an average of 13 to 20 pounds, while the female cats would weigh somewhere between 7 to 11 pounds.
– Maine Coon is often called the “gentle giant” because of its loving nature and gentle and sweet disposition. Its love for people, especially children and their willingness to help and socialize has earned this big cat a reputation of being a “dog in cat’s clothing”.
– Ragamuffin cats are large and muscular.
– Their rabbit-like fur is thick and easy to care for. They come in a range of coat colors and patterns.
– Their large expressive eyes make them different from other breeds.
– Most Ragamuffin cats are quite large with the females weighing between 10 to 15 pounds and males weighing between 15 to 20 pounds.
– These large cats are extremely sociable and friendly with people.
– They have a gentle, affectionate nature and actually love cuddling up to people.
– The semi-long haired, blue-eyed, Ragdolls are one of the largest cat breeds.
– The Ragdoll males can typically weigh between 15 to 20 pounds and females weigh around 8 to 10 pounds.
– The docile, gentle nature of this large cat breed has led to the myth that the Ragdolls are pain-resistant. However, this is not really true. These cats, as the name suggests, are like dolls with relaxed temperaments and are quite easy to handle.
– Although it looks wild, the Ocicat is a domestic house cat.
– An average Ocicat male is relatively large and can weigh somewhere around 12 to 13 pounds.
– What is fascinating about this large cat breed is its outgoing nature and most of them can be trained to walk on a leash and even play fetch!
– Not only this, you can also train these cats to respond to commands and other dog-related tricks.
– They love being petted even by strangers and would want to spend most of the time around people.
Pixie Bobs
pixie bob
– Closely resembling a bobcat, the Pixie Bob cats are large cats weighing 18 lb or 8 kg. The females weigh around 14 lb.
– They are characterized by a light cream or brown coat with beautiful dark lines and spots.
– The most interesting thing about them is that, instead of communicating by mewing, they chirp.
– They are active, social cats which actually love playing with other animals.
– A cross between domestic cat breeds and the Serval cat breed, Savannah cats are tall and slim with a light coat and dark spots or marks on it.
– Apart from being good jumpers, they are good at making different sounds like chirp of a bird or hiss of a snake.
– These large cats are quite social and friendly with people. They can be trained to walk on a leash.
– One of the most fascinating characteristic of these cats, is its love for water and they are known to splash around and play in it.
Turkish Van
turkish van
– One of the largest cat breeds, the Turkish cat breeds can weigh somewhere around 12 to 16 pounds and usually have a massive muscle structure and large paws.
– Native to the alpine Lake Van region of modern Turkey, these cats have thick, water-resistant soft coats.
– The colors and marks are restricted to the head and the tail. Intelligent and inquisitive, Turkish Vans are known to have a fascination for water and for this unusual trait, they are also known as the “Swimming Cats”.
If you are planning to adopt any of the large domestic cat breeds, it is important to understand the qualities of the breeds. These cats also need more space to move around and can be quite active. Cat care is a commitment for life and an understanding of the cat behavior and their needs is a vital part of having the pet taken care of.