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Eclectus Parrots as Pets

Eclectus parrots are known not only for their gentle temperament but also for their unparalleled beauty. They have a laid back personality that makes...

What You Must Know About the Tuxedo Cat and its Coat Patterns

Coat Pattern As the name rightly suggests, bicolor cats have a coat with two colors. Usually, these cats have white fur in combination with another...

Awesome Information About the Blue Heeler-Labrador Mix Breed

Did You Know? The Labraheeler belongs to both herding and sporting categories. Labrador retriever mixes are among the cutest mix breeds. One such hybrid is the...

Astonishing Facts About the Extremely Rare Indus River Dolphin

Did You Know? Besides the Amazon in South America, Asian rivers like the Ganges, Brahmaputra, Mekong, and Irrawaddy are also home to freshwater dolphins. It's sad...

In-depth Information About the Chimney Swift You Didn’t Have

Did You Know? A Chimney swift can consume as much as one-third of its body weight (approx. 0.7 oz. or 21 g) in insects daily....