Eclectus Parrots as Pets

Eclectus parrots are known not only for their gentle temperament but also for their unparalleled beauty. They have a laid back personality that makes them very easy to keep as pets They are also known to be masters of mimicry. They do not form strong pair bonds. However, these birds tend to be a bit noisy and love human attention.
General Information
The eclectus parrot is known by different names depending on the species. The scientific name for this parrot is Eclectus roratus, but it is also called Blue Bellied, Red Sided, Yellow Sided or Vosmaeri, Dusky or Solomon Island Eclectus. These birds are native to Australia, New Guinea, and the Solomon Islands. An adult parrot can reach about 17 to 20 inches from beak to tail. Males can cost about USD 500 to 2500. Females are more expensive. This is because the females are more colorful than the males and are more gentle in nature. The males too have a beautiful personality but have fewer feather colors than females.
The eclectus parrot is a sexually dimorphic bird, that is, you can tell the two sexes apart by their colors. The top of a male’s head is a brilliant green and has yellowish green wing cover. There are red patches on the breast area and under the wings. The tail is almost black with yellow tips. The upper beak has a coral yellow color with a yellowish tip. The lower beak is black in color. The iris is dark orange. As far as females are concerned, they have a rich red-colored head and breast. They have dark red colored wings and a dull purple or blue belly and neck and nape. The tail has orange tips. The females have a blue ring around the eye and all young ones have brown irises.
Eclectus parrots are intelligent birds with friendly personalities. They love to spend time with their human companions. You can have them as pets along with other bird species. You need to be sure you can provide sufficient attention to the bird for the major part of the day. As compared to the African Grey parrot or Macaws, eclectus parrots can be considered quieter birds. However, when these birds are threatened or frightened, they tend to scream a lot.
Pet Care
Care for these parrots includes their housing requirements. You need to buy the largest cage that you can, as these birds need plenty of space to move. You can buy a cage which has an average size of 30″ x 20″ x 36″. Place the cage away from direct sunlight. A bird that is highly social, should have his cage placed in a room with the most traffic. You can even allow your bird out of the cage so that it can have time with the family. These playful parrots need to be given plenty of non-toxic toys to play with. Provide the bird with a high perch or play stand to get plenty of exercise, both mental and physical. You can speak to your vet regarding clipping the birds wings. Clipping is not an inhumane process as it prevents your bird from flying into dangerous objects around the house. It also, helps prevent the bird from flying outdoors and getting lost.
Their diet consists of fresh fruits and vegetables. These parrots should be fed cooked carrots, sweet potatoes, dark leafy vegetables, pomegranate, grapes, and watermelon to prevent vitamin A deficiency. Do not feed them a lot of fat and protein as they have a tendency to gain weight quickly. Also, it increases the chances of increased cholesterol levels, arterial sclerosis, and even death. The diet of these parrots should consist of 50% fresh fruits and vegetables, 30% cooked beans and grain mixture, 20% sprouted grains and high quality pellets.
Eclectus parrots are very impressive birds with high intelligence levels and a charming personality. They have the ability to talk and can be very affectionate pets. They love to interact with the family and become sociable. These birds are very sensitive in nature and if they feel neglected they can develop stress. Males and females are both lovable and fun. Many find males more trainable then females. However, the females are more independent than the males and do not get stressed easily. These birds need a lot of attention and you should not adopt one if you can’t spend time with them.
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