Grrr! 15 Super Annoying Things Dog Owners are Tired of Hearing

Dogs are family. Period. They are the members with four legs and the biggest heart. Anybody who talks against them are on your ‘to be killed and fried in boiling oil‘ list. And the ones whom your dog hate are strictly in ‘do not show your face ever‘ zone of your life! But yet, unwillingly there are always such people who crawl inside and ask all the annoying questions and give their unwanted and unappreciated weird comments! Here I’ve listed a few things dog owners are tired of hearing.
■ Why do you let him inside the house?
I don’t know why do I let you get inside my house!

■ Why don’t you keep him under chains in the backyard?
Do you chain your baby in the backyard?

■ He is so hairy. Don’t you feel annoyed with his hair all around the house?
No. In fact I feel incomplete without seeing his hair around. Including my food. Yes! We eat dog hair! Any problem?

■ Why do you click so many pictures with him?
If you would have been that cute and photogenic I’d have clicked it with you too. *just kidding*

■ Why do you celebrate his birthday? He is not a kid.
Okay. Don’t come to eat cake next time! Simple!

■ Where does he pee or poop? Yuck! Sometimes inside the house? Who picks it up?
We call a Scooper-pooper! Idiots. I pick it up. No. I don’t feel disgusted.

■ What if he bites? Did you vaccinate him properly?
I don’t know. Let him try it on you once. *ROFL*

■ Dogs are good, but they become very dependent in old age.
And so will you! Weirdo.

■ How old is he? Awww.. he’s old. How long do they live?
He will live longer than you I’m sure. ’cause I’m going to rip your head off right NOW!

■ I don’t like this breed. Why didn’t you buy another breed?
I don’t like your face. Why didn’t you have a better one? Bloody Racist!

■ Ewww! You’ve a pet stray dog? They are so dirty and wild!
Really? I guess your boy with a running nose and poking his finger inside and licking it is dirtier than my dog!
■ Don’t let him come near your baby. They are infectious.
Right! So infectious that my baby starts giggling as my dog licks his foot.
■ You become very restricted in your life, because you are busy taking care of it. You can’t seem to find your own space.
You are blocking the space too, since a long time. Can you please get out, right away??

■ He is so fat. He must be eating too much.
Yeah! He eats, drinks, and sleeps LOVE. You hippo!

■ He is so small. How will he guard your house?
I will protect him from a burglar. Do you risk your kid’s life if a thief breaks in? Lunatics!