Parakeet Information

Parakeets are small birds of the parrot species. They have long tails and are found in a wide range of colors including solid-white, violet, dark-green, yellow, and pastel-blue. They are popularly kept as pets by a large number of bird lovers. Parakeets are indigenous to Australia and they love warm weather with an abundance of fruits and seeds. They are somewhat messy compared to other birds but their colors are adorable, which makes them one of the most sought after birds for pets. Once you have brought them, you need to take good care of them, for which you need to have all the right information so that they can live a healthy life. Insufficient or wrong information may make them sick, and so you need to prevent it.
Information on Pet Parakeets
Parakeets as pets are easy to maintain and it’s said that they love bathing in water so as to stay clean. However, they fear a new environment and as such are slightly careful, especially in the presence of humans and other large animals. For the first few months, they may not take a bath, but once they are confident that they are safe, they love playing in water. You should allow your pets to be as they are and not force anything on them.
It’s extremely important to take care of what you give them to eat. You need to provide them with a seed mix, which can easily be found in supermarkets and pet supply shops. Make sure that these mixes don’t contain too many hulled oats as they can increase the amount of fat in their bodies. Fresh fruits like watermelon, tangerine, strawberry, plum, pomegranate, pear, peach, orange, melon, mango, kiwi fruit, guava, and apples should be offered. Vegetables like zucchini, watercress, sweet corn, spinach, silverbeet, peas, lettuce, chard, celery, carrot, broccoli, and bok choy are loved by parakeets. Make sure you thoroughly wash the fruits and vegetables, cut them into small pieces, and clean them of pips, pits, stones, and chores before offering them. You can give them seed treats like sticks and honey bells, but ensure that they are given once a week. Clean drinking water should be provided every day, besides mineral, iodine, vitamin, and calcium blocks once in a while.
Being extremely active, parakeets need enough space to stretch their wings and move around. As such, the cage should be slightly longer than normal so that they can fly around. It should be 12 inches high and wide and 18 inches across. When you think of buying a cage you should take into account the amount of space that cage fillers like water and seed dishes, ladders, swings, toys, and perches would take. The width of the bars of the cage should also be considered, the space between the bars should not be so wide that the bird can poke its head out, thereby hurting itself.
Lifespan of Parakeets
Usually, a parakeet lifespan ranges from around 8 to 10 years if provided with a healthy diet and clean environment. There are reports that some parakeets live for 14 years and in some rare cases, they can even live for as long as 20 years. For your parakeets to live longer, make sure you provide them with a clean cage, daily exercise, a healthy diet, and companionship.
Behavior of Parakeets
Parakeet behavior is an important aspect of their personality and each bird has its own unique behavior. They are naturally playful creatures and love to play with toys, so provide them with some. They are flock birds, which means that they love living together. If you just have one bird, then try getting another, or else you can also try to care for it in such a way that it feels that you are its companion. At times, they poof up and shake their feathers, either to straighten their feathers after poofing or to show off to other parakeets. They exercise after an inactive period by stretching their legs and wings so as to get their blood flowing.
All in all, you need to get as much parakeet information as possible before you get any as pets. Take good care of them and see them live a long and healthy life.