The Felines from Thailand: Siamese Cat Types and Related Facts

The cross-eyed wonders!
An amusing myth about a Siamese cat goes something like this―having been given the duty of guarding a precious vase in the Thai royal palace, this pet Siamese curled its tail around it and gazed at it so intensely that its eyes became crossed. This explains the once-common cross-eyed trait in Siamese cats, which has now been bred out.
Much like the famed tuxedo cats, the Siamese are described to be dressed for a masquerade ball, with their cream-colored bodies, dark stockinged feet, a dark face resembling a mask which reveals those piercing blue eyes.
Many people mistakenly assume Siamese cat types to be classified on the basis of their coloring, when it is actually a bit more complicated than that. These cats are mainly classified into two general types, based on the shape of their body.

Types of Siamese Cats

Traditional Siamese
Traditional Siamese Cat
Traditional Siamese cats are also known as ‘appleheads’―a reference to the well-rounded shape of their head. Their bodies have a bulky and muscular appearance. These are generally accepted to be the original version of Siamese cats.
Over the years, these cats were crossed with American and British shorthairs, which resulted in rounder-faced cats.
Modern Siamese
Modern Siamese Cat
Modern Siamese cats are extremely slender all over. They have long necks, with a sharply angular face. Their ears have a bat-winged shape and are quite large, compared to the size of their head. The muzzle is longer than the traditional Siamese.
These are typical show cats, the result of some irresponsible breeding, leading to these unnatural features. However, this may not be the case every time, and several modern Siamese are bred in a healthy, ethical manner.
Know Your Siamese
Regardless of being traditional or modern, every Siamese has some rather unique features which make it the popular breed it is. Does your Siamese fit in? Only one way to find out.

If you have a Siamese yourself or know someone who does, I don’t need to tell you where their nickname, ‘Meezer’ comes from. Well, these cats are loud, and how! They will meow about everything under the sun, be it night or day. Not for nothing do they rank among the most talkative cat breeds.

Most of them pick one member in the family and keep following him/her around all the time―consider yourself lucky if your Siamese picks you, as you will be their subject of adoration and annoyance forever.

They love to snuggle, and shun cat beds in favor of cuddling up to their favorite person at night, sharing their bed and their pillow.

Being traditionally associated with the royal family of Thailand (earlier known as Siam), these cats are no less royal themselves. They hate being ignored and left alone for long periods―and believe me, they do make their displeasure apparent with loud, raspy meows.

The point-color system is used to differentiate coat colors in Siamese cats. The ‘point’ here refers to the color of the extremities of the cat―its face, tail, and paws. Accepted colors include, seal, chocolate, lilac, and blue, as per the Cat Fanciers’ Association.

Seal point Siamese
Seal Point Siamese
Lilac point Siamese
Lilac point Siamese Cat
Blue point Siamese
Blue point Siamese Cat

Chocolate point Siamese
Chocolate point Siamese Cat
And as we conclude, here’s a gorgeous seal point, cross-eyed Siamese cat. Isn’t she a beauty?
Cross Eyed Siamese Cat
Siamese cats are a popular breed around the world. And if you happen to have one, rest assured that he will be a one-of-a-kind of pet. After all, they are royalty personified.