These are the Most Outgoing and Social Cat Breeds You’ll Ever Find

If you are thinking of adding a cat to your family, you may want to consider which breed will be a good fit for your life. Many people look for cats that have a particular look or hair length, or they just take any kitten available from the local animal shelter. Rescuing homeless cats from animal shelters is great for those who have means to care for rescued cats, but some cat owners are looking for something a little more specific.

As any cat lover or cat owner knows, cats have personality. Each cat is truly an individual, and cats show their individuality in their behavior. Some cats have little energy for running around and little affection for their owners. Other cats demand constant attention and seem, never to sit still. This second type of cat is very outgoing, and some cat breeds have more outgoing personalities than others.

Siberian cat
One of the most outgoing cat breeds available is the Siberian. Originally associated with Russia, the Siberian breed has been around for centuries in Europe and Asia. Within only the past few decades, the breed has become popular in the United States. Families looking for an outgoing cat might want to consider a Siberian, since these cats are great with children and with other pets.
They are also known for being very healthy and resistant to disease. This is good for a busy family that doesn’t want to devote too many resources to healthcare for the cat. Although they are long-haired, they don’t shed excessively or require much grooming.

In addition to their outgoing personality, Siberians are easy to find, making them a great choice for first time cat owners.

If you are looking for a cat that has a similar temperament to the Siberian but has short hair, consider an Ocicat. Named for its similarity in appearance to an ocelot, the Ocicat was actually bred by crossing the Abyssinian and Siamese breeds.
This breed has only been around since the 1960s, so it may appeal more to avid cat aficionados who are willing to go the extra mile to find an Ocicat kitten. Like Siberians, Ocicats are great with kids, and they can even be taught to come when their names are called!
One drawback of this breed is that they are so energetic that they may get bored and destructive if they don’t have enough room to play and explore, so make sure you can accommodate an Ocicat before making the investment.
Bengals cat
The Bengal cat is another exotic new breed to consider if you want an outgoing pet. Bengals were created around the same time as Ocicats, but under very different circumstances. The Bengal is actually a cross between a domestic cat and a wild leopard cat. Their proximity to leopard cats makes Bengals very intelligent and active, but also reduces their friendliness somewhat. Unlike Ocicats, Bengals may sometimes be territorial and can get aggressive around small children or other pets.
Therefore, a Bengal is a good choice for people who don’t have other small creatures around for the cat to compete with.
Turkish Angoras
Turkish Angoras cat
The fourth most outgoing cat breed is the Turkish Angora, which has been around much longer than either the Ocicat or the Bengal. This fact alone may make an Angora a good choice for people who want a dignified, well-established breed.
Angoras have many of the same personality traits as the other breeds discussed above, but they are known for being extremely affectionate toward their owners. They are also good swimmers, which, combined with their loyalty, gives them a personality more usually associated with dogs than cats.
For cat lovers who wish they were dog lovers, a Turkish Angora might be the right choice!