10 Insanely Exotic Cats That You May Have Never Seen Before

The cat always has her way!

Those furry little things surely know how to wring things from their owners by incessant meowing or flitting between your legs. So next time, your cat starts acting a little gnawing by grazing against you or tries to overbalance you by scampering between, then you need to know that it needs something, mostly food.
“There are few things in life more heartwarming than to be welcomed by a cat.”, says Tay Hohoff. This cannot be controverted. Your cat may be mercurial, act standoffish or downright mean at times but when it welcomes you at the door with its pretty self and brushes itself against you, your fatigue from a long tiring day of work quickly evaporates.

Sometimes, it will act frigid as if you don’t exist in its world and sometimes, it will follow you everywhere, even in the toilet. Sometimes, it will not deign to look at you and sometimes, which is like, very rarely, it will stare right into your eyes and blink slowly as if trying to tell you how much it loves you. Aw! You can’t really do much about its bamboozling behavior, because your cat has a mind of its own!

Coming below are some exotic breeds of cats who’ll entrance you with their unusual looks and disposition.

Sphynx Cat
Oh my God! This cat doesn’t have any feline follicles! Is that even a cat in the first place? We were bawling out these questions to each other when we found about the sphynx. After genning up on this unusual breed, we learned that they are not really hairless, and have a thin coat of short hair (just like your Big Pa), which is soft and buttery like warm suede with wrinkles on its skin. Because they have sparse fur, it’s natural for them to feel cold, but they make one real smarty pants who know how to warm themselves; they will either snuggle up against you or nestle down in your bed covers. Sphynx, by nature is more of a folks’ feline, it definitely knows how to keep its audience entertained with impish and awkward antics. Sphynxs are known to be charming and ‘attention-seekers’, who enjoy company of other animals as much as they enjoy humans.
Savannah Cat
Savannah Cat Isolated
An exotic breed of domestic cat and African Serval, Savannah cat is an action-packed cat that could star in a ninja movie! These cats are ridiculously energetic and extrovert who will never shy from meeting new people. Playful and indefatigable, Savannah cat is found in varied coats that range from spotted to snow coloration to rosetted marble. It is also known to be a natural swashbuckler and can be seen leaping from one place to another like a monkey. It also loves to play in water and will be more than happy to join you in the shower.
Cornish Rex
Cornish Rex Kitten Cat
With large striking ears, a short silky coat, and a dainty exterior, Cornish Rex, at a first glance may appear aloof and introvert but in reality it is a far cry from its first impression. This unusual breed of cat is friendly and playful who will cavort around you to get your attention. Like Sphynx, Cornish Rex will also cuddle up to you or settle in your lap to warm itself. What’s more uncommon about this breed is the fact that they smell like cheese! This is because of the presence of a certain gland in their paws. If you are looking for a bundle of energy, then Cornish Rex will make a perfect choice.
Scottish Fold
Scottish Fold Cat
This one looks like a hooter, a pretty little hooter. Those cute folded ears are a result of spontaneous mutation, more precisely an incomplete dominant gene that affects the middle section of the cartilage throughout the body. Aw, those big expressive eyes and that rotund body is enough to warm the cockles of your heart. Scottish Fold is one of the most chilled-out, sweet-tempered, and adaptable breeds of cats who are known for sitting in the ‘Buddha Position”, simply adorable.
Teacup Persian
Persian Kitten Sit in Cup
This one looks as if butter won’t melt in its little gob! Teacup Persian is an explosion of cuteness, everything about this petite thing is cute! Teacups are not different from the Persian cat breed and neither is there any specific size criterion that dictates its classification. Known for their adorable muzzle and long soft fur, Teacup Persian is a gift for those who fancy having cutesy little things darting about in the house.

Khao Manee
White Odd Eyes Siamese Cat
Hailing from Thailand, Khao Manee enjoyed a revered position in the Thai royalty and finds its mention in the historic Thai book of cat poems, Tamra Maew. This unusual breed possesses a pristine white and glossy coat, hence, the name Khao Manee, which means “white jewel”. They are endowed with beautiful gem-like eyes that vary from silvery blue to amber green or amber yellow to odd eyes with one blue eye and one yellow eye. Disposition-wise, this exotic breed is more of happy-go-lucky-nature types that enjoys human company, gets affable with people easily (and is most likely to be the first one to greet your guests), and loves to play with kids.
The Bengal
Bengal Cat Looking Back
That bold, striking, and lush coat of the Bengal cat will make you want to run your fingers through it. Its exotic looks are a virtue of its feral lineage and conspicuous markings that are either swirly marbled or vividly spotted. The Bengal cat is known for its inquisitive nature and likes to inspect just about everything and anything that’s around it. It is agile and likes to show its leaping and climbing abilities. The Bengal is known to be highly intelligent that needs constant stimulation by means of interactive games, so it is definitely not for those who are looking for a couch-potato or laid-back like Scottish owl.
Maine Coon
Maine Coon Cat
Maine Coon is a perfect example of “survival of the fittest”; having evolved naturally, this breed of cat emerged as a working cat who is known for its rugged and sturdy exterior. Its shaggy coat acts like an all-weather coat that shields it from the harsh climate. Maine Coons are known for their amiable disposition and are also likened with ‘dogs’ for their intelligence and train-ability.
Munchki Kitten Cat Walking in Garden
Another petite wonder from the exotic feline island is the Munchkin! This cute cat is a relatively new breed that is known for its short and stout legs. Do not mistake its short legs to be its drawback as it can do almost everything as any other breed of cat can do! You will be astounded to see their cornering skills, which is like a cool race car. There’s no standard for Munchkin’s coat as it can come in just about any color or marking, depending on its pedigree. Confident, playful, and outgoing, Munchkins are known to have a Magpie-like predilection for shiny things, so make sure you have put all your cutlery and jewelry in a safe place!
Exotic Shorthair
Kitten Exotic Shorthair Cat
This charming little breed of cat has exotic written all over it. Exotic shorthair is a spitting image of the Persian breed except for the long thick coat. Aw, that flat, chubby face with those pretty wide-set eyes make an irresistible combination, so much that you will not want to free it from your arms. They are super cuddly, they will not hesitate from jumping into your lap if they want some nuzzling and cuddling. Loving, affectionate, and markedly relaxed, Exotic Shorthair will keep you riveted throughout the day with its super-adorable playful antics.