Information About the Ever-friendly Great Dane-Labrador Mix Breed

Everything Designer!
The Great Labradane is categorized as a designer dog breed. Hence, it is recognized as a breed by the Designer Breed Registry and International Designer Canine Registry.
They say good things come in small packages, but sometimes happy surprises are really huge too! One classic example is the Great Dane-Labrador mix, also known as the Labradane. With a personality that will melt the hardest of hearts, this dog is big on all things love! It is a cuddle-lover, and will never let go of the opportunity to express its affection towards you. Coming from two very loving and friendly breeds, this fellow is good with other doggies, loves kids, and is always bouncy.
For people who think that big dogs are more fun to have as pets than smaller pooches, this breed is a really good choice. It is made of almost all things wonderful, and the only drawback it may have is too much love! If you have previous experience with big dogs who are very enthusiastic about life, then taking care of a Labradane will become easier for you. The following paragraphs provide some more facts and pictures about this delightful breed.
labradane - the great dane-labrador mix
Labradane is the offspring of a Labrador Retriever and a Great Dane, both big dogs. So it is safe to assume that your Labradane will be big in size as well. The height of this breed will be between 24 and 34 inches, both being the maximum heights of the Lab and the Dane, respectively. They can also weigh between 100 to 200 pounds. Nothing can be certain when it comes to a mix breed, because every individual puppy can take any traits from either of its parents.
Physical Traits
The ears of the Labradane will be long and floppy. The tail will also be long and curled. Eyes are usually dark in color, like black or brown. This is a tall and lean dog, with long legs, a deep chest, and a broad head. Owing to its tall stature, it will require lot of space to move around.
The texture of the Labradane’s coat is sleek and shiny. The coat is always short and quite close to the skin. The best part about the coat is that it is well-suited to all types of climates. Coat colors are varied; the colors range from black, brown, and white, to Harlequin, mantle, brindle, and solid. It is very difficult to predict a pup’s coat color beforehand.
This dog has a very even temperament, and is always overflowing with love. Combining the positive traits from both its parents, the Great Dane-Labrador mix is extremely affectionate, friendly, wonderful with kids, tolerant of other pets, loyal to the core, and a great watchdog. Despite its imposing size, this dog loves to play with children, and will even protect them from any perceived threats.
When it comes to guarding, don’t expect much from the gentle creature called , but a plus point is that its large size is enough to scare. It is a bit wary of strangers and will take time to open up to people. However, with proper socialization from puppyhood, all these issues can be avoided. This is a joyful, lively, boisterous, and enthusiastic dog so ensure that you keep it busy. Remember that the Labradane is prone to separation anxiety, so make sure that it is not left alone for too long.
Living Conditions
Small Apartments – I need a lot of space dude!!
Large Apartments – Well … Maybe, if you take me for long walks every day….
Big House With Yard – When can I come home???!!
A big dog will also be big on energy, so don’t ever forget the importance of exercise in the Labradane’s life. As said before, this dog will not do well in an apartment; it needs a large space to accommodate its large self, and move around comfortably. So if you own a big place with a yard, this dog is suitable for you.
The Labradane loves to play, run, and jump, and if you want to save the objects in your house from imminent breakage, then the yard is the best place for it to let off some steam. Long walks, twice a day, are very important; a jog is always better. However, keep the exercise moderate when your pup is growing to avoid bone and joint problems in the future. If your dog’s exercise needs are not met, then it’s a sure sign of trouble.
Grooming requirements of the Labradane are moderate. The coat sheds very lightly throughout the year, except in the shedding season. It is only at this time that more brushing may be needed, otherwise, one weekly session is sufficient. Bathing also does not need to be done regularly, a bath once a month or once in 6 weeks is enough.
The average life expectancy of Labradane is between 8 to 12 years. Being a large breed, its lifespan is generally shorter. Some common health problems are hip dysplasia, cataract, cancer, heart ailments, and other eye problems. Mix breeds are generally healthier than their pure breed parents. The diet must also be regulated. Small meals three to four times a day are recommended. However, it is always better to talk to your vet about what to feed your dog, and how much.
Growth Chart
Although there is no specific growth chart for a mix breed, it can be assumed that the growth rate of a Labradane will be similar to that of both its parents, which are also large breeds. The rate of growth of every dog is different, and when it comes to hybrids, it is even more difficult to calculate. One general rule to go by is that large dog breeds experience the fastest growth spurt in the first 6 months. The pups stop growing between 12 to 18 months of age.
One formula to calculate the approximate adult weight that your Labradane dog will reach is to first calculate its weight when it is 14 to 15 weeks of age. Then, add one and a half times that number to the original number, and you have a rough figure.

Weight of a 15-week-old Labradane: 60 pounds
Adult weight: 60 pounds + 1.5 times 60 pounds
That is: 60 pounds + 90 pounds = 150 pounds

Remember that this figure is not exact, and the actual weight of you dog will vary.

Now you know exactly how the Labradane really is. So if you wish to get this breed, then you can be prepared with some information beforehand. This is a really great dog to have as a pet, especially is you like the outdoors, have a house with a big yard, a big sofa to spare, and don’t mind a big dose of slobbery kisses everyday, then you and your Labradane will make for a very happy family.