Key Traits That Define the Personality of a Pit Bull-Lab Mix

The best part of bringing home a mixed breed dog is all the unpredictability that comes with them. As far as a purebred dog is concerned, you almost always know what’s in store for you―the Chihuahua is usually a diva, the Great Dane is the gentlest of giants, whereas the German Shepherd’s steadfast guarding nature is second to none. Despite being in the know about all these “apparent” characteristics, your dog still is an individual, and he may or may not live up to the breed’s reputation in its entirety.

So you can now imagine how bizarre it would be to draft an accurate description of a pit bull-lab mix dog’s personality traits. To get a basic idea about what you should be looking forward to, we’ve listed a few facts about both, Labradors and Staffordshire Bull Terriers.

Labrador Retriever Personality

Labrador Retriever
▶ Labs are by far the most popular breed of dogs in the United States. They are originally from Newfoundland, where they were known to be a fisherman’s dog.

▶ They were later trained to be Retrievers, accompanying their owners to hunting expeditions.

▶ Labs are known to be the perfect family dogs, with their gentle and calm nature.

▶ These dogs are playful and energetic, and require regular exercise.

Labrador Retriever
▶ Labs are known to be friendly by nature, which doesn’t make them an ideal guarding breed.

▶ Considered to be among the easiest breed to train, labs are indeed a rather popular pet in American households.

▶ Labs are a double-coated breed that shed seasonally. Regular grooming is required to keep the coat at its water-resistant best.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier/American Pit Bull Terrier Personality

American Pit Bull Terrier
▶ Among the most feared dogs today, there cannot be a more misunderstood breed than the pit bulls. These dogs were specifically bred for blood sports in Europe in the nineteenth century, and were brought to America by the immigrants.
▶ Since the beginning of the twentieth century, pit bulls had grown to become enormously popular in the United States, being trained to be excellent military dogs, as well as companion dogs for children.
▶ Their intensely loyal nature was easily exploited by humans who trained them to participate in blood sports, which heavily damaged their reputation.
▶ Pit bulls, in reality, are highly energetic dogs who need a lot of physical as well as mental exercise. These dogs need to be trained right since puppyhood.
▶ You’ll be hard-pressed to find a breed that tries half as hard as these dogs do, to impress their masters.

▶ Yes, they can be stubborn, but there is nothing that training cannot fix, provided it is conducted in the right manner.

What Can You Expect from Your Labrador-Pit Bull Mix?

As you can see, these two breeds are quite the contrast in terms of their history, which has had an obvious influence on their behavior. When you bring this pup home, she is bound to make her nature apparent, which should give you an idea about the dominant breed. Having said that, it is unjustified to make any assumptions based on the general breed information. Each dog has a distinctive personality, and needs individual responses from the owner. The points listed below are a mere approximation of how your labrabull/pitador might turn out to be.
▶ The pit bull is not as vocal as your lab, so this dog can be expected to be moderate in the barking department.
▶ An advantage is that both these breeds take well to training, with labs being the easier one in comparison. The right kind of training will ensure close bonding with the human(s), and also with other animals.
▶ Both breeds need ample exercise and fresh air, which makes this mix an ideal pet for outdoorsy people. Take your dog along for a jog or a bicycle ride, play a lot of fetch, and tire him out. This breed is going to be very high on energy, which can get destructive if not channeled in the right manner.
▶ You can expect your dog to grow pretty huge, pretty fast, which does not make them ideal for small apartments.

▶ Do not opt for this breed if you plan to stay out for long hours frequently. They aren’t too happy when they’re left alone (who is?), and won’t hesitate in making their displeasure evident. This may include destructive behavior and aggression.

Your pit bull-lab mix may attract some snide remarks from those who make unsubstantiated assumptions against her. It is up to you to prove them wrong―train your dog with a lot of love and devotion, and you’ll be the proud parent of the best pet in the whole world.